About us

Our initiative

A work on our great friends "Los Perros", they are always by our side, in an unconditional way.

This portal, created with the strength of a fighter, you will find up-to-date information that can help you decide which breed of dog can come in handy as a pet or guard dog. You will also find a category where great athletes like Santiago, who defended the colors of our national team in the world join this initiative, became "Champions of Spain, Europe and the World" in Taekwondo and other sports. Today they are champions of the hearts of their loved ones

An excellent job.

Impressive the gesture of Santiago to create this portal to share his work, nor in wikepedia you will find it ..

Donations are accepted to cover the needs of Santiago and then other dependent people, out of so much bureaucracy.

Our team

We will work to achieve the objectives and help Santiago in a selfless way, it is very unfair what this person suffers, we can not look elsewhere. With just one Euro it will be enough, less than a coffee in a bar, you have to check the value of helping, it is extremely important.

He needs us and we will be there.

We need you...


"The idea is very good"

Why not?

Today is the, tomorrow I can be "I"

“You can donate from € 1”