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This website is created to share information about dogs, the best friend of the human being, in it you have enough information to act in a "Wise and Intelligent" way in the care of the dog and in knowing how to choose the best companion @ that adapts to your family environment and be able to enjoy 100% of it.


With this website we try to open the way, it is a dynamic website where you can participate and we hope you will, you can pay tribute to your dog, to your loved one, etc. and you will see how satisfied you are, seeing him on the website of the champions, If you dare send me a photo that you want to publish and the data that you want to put, we publish it. It is "Free", on our website we do not charge, we simply share, since reading is power ...


We do not fill you with emails, nor do we give your data to third parties.


The autor of all this, is Santiago Muñoz, a "tetraplegic" person with impressive strength, to live a dignified independent life, when everything comes upon us, we learn to use all our personal resources and to build a castle again with the rubble from the previous one. Do not stop reading the history of Santiago, simply by visiting the web or sharing it with friends, family, etc., you are collaborating immensely.


This website is not for profit, all the information we publish is for sharing, since reading is power and we have to respect copyright.


Let's help Santiago campaign, it is totally free participation, which from www.micampeon.es - we want to guarantee that the case is real, that it is not a scam, your contribution is totally to improve the life of a person who needs help, who the help he receives is not enough to cover all his expenses to live with dignity, but he greatly appreciates this help to the Dependency Law.