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You will find everything in one place, about dog breeds, care, sports, etc ,. No more searching for dozens of web pages and going crazy, on my, you have it very easy to find the breed of your pet and also with quality information. Every day we are adding new information.

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On this website, you can participate and do your bit, we have a category where you can pay tribute to your pets and make them known to the whole world, it is worth it and it is very gratifying to see your dog among the best, it is quite a champion.

The greatest example of improvement we can take from Santiago, a "tetraplegic" person who decides that he wants to live an independent life and struggles to achieve it despite all adversities. To overcome the hardest thing he has is the daily routine and suffer injustices while waiting for help that does not come, he decides to create this portal and help us get to know the canine world better.

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